Sofia is considered to be the country’s most beautiful city and regarding millions of tourists that arrive here every year it must be truth. The fabulous Bulgarian city is picturesquely placed at the foot of Mountain.

This is very old city, inhabited by people since almost 8000 BC. Unquestionably this is Sofia the national centre of culture and art and science. This is jus tin Sofia where the greatest happenings and most important events happen!

Also the city was listed as a one of ten best places in the world for start-up business. Was interesting, the main industry that Bulgarians work in in Sofia is IT technologies. Not without a reason Sofia has been classified to this leading ten. However, this is not the work the main reason why people come here so happily.

Sofia’s climate, atmosphere and the whole surrounding including majestic Vitosha Mountain interest people and make them wanna see it all! And since so many people visit the city, they need a way to move between the airport and the city centre. Obviously, transport is there dominated by road transportation. The most popular means of transport are here buses that give the passengers opportunity to travel easily throughout the city.

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